About Us

Jesse Hyatt


A father of 3 and a native to Portland, Jesse

brings 15+ years of training, management, and operations experience with a focus on equity, inclusion and workplace harmony.  In addition to his retail acumen he is an accomplished Project Manager helping local non-profits achieve their financial and technical goals. 

Antjuan Tolbert


A Pacific NW native, Antjuan is an icon for creativity holding a masters in fine arts and specializing in graphic design/web design/print production.  His eye for detail and experience in diverse cultures led him to develop a passion around diversity and inclusion within the workplace.  When hes not working in the community (he volunteers on three non-profit boards) he is exploring the ever-changing landscape of Portland.

Grace LaConte


Grace LaConte is a proven leader in the healthcare industry with 10+ years of expertise including hospital networks with over 1 billion in annual revenues.  With a Master's in Health Information Management and specializing in Risk Management Grace has helped many companies to realize their full potential.  Grace is also the founder of a local non-profit with a focus on equity in the workplace for new mothers. 

Daniel Linden


Born and raised in Portland, Daniel is the founder of a successful design and print company.  He specializes in retail deployment both inside and out with 10+ years in the industry.  A designer by nature he can help you create your logo and branding or deploy your ideas for you flawlessly.

Barbara and Pete Hyatt


Pete and Barbara are local business owners from the Pacific NW with over 40 years of experience running successful retail teams.  From management practices to empowering your sales force to reach the next level their insight will has lasting impacts on your business.

Michael Hatch


When it comes to interpersonal dynamics, Mike is one of our go to experts.  He has over 10 years of diversity and inclusion training with a fortune 15 company, a background in HR with a focus on investigations and a masters degree in social work.  Born and raised in the PNW, his passion is for his community.